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Mechanical / Piping & Utilities

Refineries and Chemical facilities generate enormous volumes of steam to heat their process raw materials and to provide freeze protection across the entire plant.  Electric and steam traced tubing bundle is ideal for the static-leg impulse lines that are attached to the main steam header pipes.  These installations are generally less than thirty feet long and connect the process to a remote pressure transmitter and manifold.  These line must be heat traced to avoid process or steam/condensate freeze-up in the event the process goes down.  Additionally, insulated tubing is utilized throughout the facility to transport steam from the large headers to the various remote applications that require steam tracing.  This same type of product is used to transport the resulting condensate back to the boiler for reprocessing into steam.

Freeze protection, personnel protection and steam quality are the objectives for using the insulated and traced tubing products.  These ensure predictable, safe handling of high-temperature, high-pressure gases and fluids in the Mechanical applications.