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Instrument Mounting Made Simple

The new Trakmount is recessed in the A1 and C31 Series enclosures so the bottom surface is flat. It can be used with any instrument mount and allows the transmitter and manifold to be positioned virtually anywhere in the enclosure.

  • Unique track design.
  • Instrument brackets can be positioned anywhere in the enclosure by the user.
  • Convenience of factory installed brackets.
  • Reduced installation time.


The A1T with the updated UB universal transmitter bracket. The UB directly mounts to more transmitters than ever and has extended vertical adjustment.

C31T Series

The C31T with the Trakmount bracket and a 12IPBOF pipe support bracket.

11 15 Width
16 18.5 Height
17 18.5 Depth
5/12   Base/Lid
Enclosure Model
LA (lift access) Add to enclosure model #. 
Mounting Kits
MK3 (FM-12" tall IPBOF12)
MK7 (FM-14F V8)
Electric Heaters
E Style (100, 150, and 200 watt)
EEX Style
LE Style
  T (CSA power connection for TRACEPAK)
Y (FM Div. 2 power connection for TRACEPAK)
LPD2 (combination power connection kit)
LPD2E (combination power connection kit)
IPK1 (instrument connection kit)
OJ (outside junction box)
Steam Heaters
HCV50 (50ºF setpoint)
HCV100 (100ºF setpoint)
Bundle Entry Fittings
  ES4 (0.75" to 1.6" dia. tubing bundle fitting)
  ES4S (0.75" to 2.1" dia. tubing bundle fitting)
  ES5 (1.5" to 2.75" dia. tubing bundle fitting)
Parting Plates
  PP (parting line plate)
  SPP (split parting line plate)
  DSPPT (split parting line plate for TRACEPAK)
  DSPPT4 (split parting plate w/ES4 entry fitting)
  DSPPT4S (split parting plate w/ ES4S entry fitting)
  DSPPT5 (split parting plate w/ ES5 entry fitting)
Surface Plates
4SP (4"x6" surface plate)
  W1 (12"x12")
W3 (7" dia.)
Other Options
PH (non-metallic hardware, lift access only)
  DA (access door)
  R (door/lid retainer)
  LS (lid/door support) standard on A1T
H (handle)
BO (blow-out disk)
SK (RTV sealant)
LL (locking latch)
PT (phonelic tag)