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Sample transport systems present tremendous opportunities for improved analyzer accuracy. Chemical and petrochemical industries around the world have clearly identified that yield, scrap and compliance improvements can be directly attributed to the effectiveness of the sample transport system. Analyzers will function only as well as the transport system yet this same system is often the most overlooked and misunderstood component.

O’Brien Analytical™, a division of O’Brien Corporation, is dedicated to all aspects of providing customers consistent sample streams. Maintaining acid dew points can present a myriad of process control challenges. O’Brien Analytical offers a wide variety of
engineered solutions and products to ensure consistent sample delivery to the analytical device. O’Brien’s heat transfer expertise with TRACEPAK® and STACKPAK™ tubing bundles and VIPAK® heated analyzer cabinets have made O’Brien Analytical the company of choice for the analytical industry.

From design to installation services, from expertise in heat tracing to tubing materials, O’Brien Analytical provides complete sample stream consistency.