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O'Brien Offshore AT A GLANCE

For over 50 years, O'Brien has been supplying the petrochemical, refining, pulp & paper, and power industries with quality products based on the application of our expertise. For over eight years we have helped protect the small bore tubing prevalent in offshore assets from external corrosion. O'Brien MJ proven and independently testes corrosion control system isolates small bore tubing from the environment. If you have or are considering switching to high CRA materials to mitigate external corrosion you should investigate the O'Brien MJ system.

The STRUT-RAK system of tray alternative tube support reduces both space and weight on the vessel. O'Brien also has a specialized design that protects the control tubing to the sub sea isolation valves now required in GOM. 

Our recommendations and products reflect our knowledge of industry practices, regulations, and code requirements so you are assured of a complete solution for your specific application. It is our attention to detail makes it easy for you to confidently select a package for your most common applications or create one-of-a-kind solutions for technically complex requirements from our standard components.

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Polymer Coated Corrosion Control
O'Brien MJ® Tubing is the first product for the offshore market to combine the benefits of long continuous coils and a corrosion control system for small bore tubing. 
Space Saving Tray Alternative
Strut-RAKTM modular supports eliminate cable tray and tray supports. This saves space and weight on the vessel. Systems are also available for supporting sub-sea hydraulic tubing to SSIVs.