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  • Tracepak Tube bundles for instrumentation
    Tubing Bundle

    O'Brien TRACEPAK tubing bundle consists of a small diameter tube or group of tubes packaged in an insulated, weatherproofed jacket. It may be steam or electric traced to provide freeze protection or temperature maintenance.

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  • Instrument Enclosure & Protection
    Instrument Enclosure & Protection

    VIPAK®, HEATPAK® & FLEXPAK® winterizing enclosures for process instruments.

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  • T-Series enclosure heaters
    Enclosure Heaters

    T-Series enclosure heaters are designed with standard redundant internal protection for long trouble free operation.

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  • TraceBOOST Pipe Heating
    Pipe Heating

    The TraceBOOST aluminum enhancer creates a system that is 5 to 10 times more efficient than bare tube tracing or tube tracing.

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  • Sunshade prevents instrument calibration drift

    SUNSHADE provides protection for single or multiple instruments, preventing instrument calibration drift due to temperature changes caused by solar radiation.

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    The FLEXIBLE GAGEPAK and RIGID GAGEPAK are designed to protect the gage. It is the responsibility of the installer to trace the impulse line and/or fittings adequately.

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  • SADDLEPAK Instrument Support for field-mounted instruments
    Instrument Supports

    SADDLEPAK® modular support system for field-mounted instruments.

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  • FLEXPAK strip insulation to provide temporary insulation
    Flexible Strip Insulation

    FLEXPAK strip insulation is designed to provide effective insulation on a temporary or emergency basis

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  • Weatherization Instrumentation Drawing

    Whole loop weatherization and winterization.

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