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Analyzer Sample Transport/Sample Lines

Analyzer Sample Transport System

Heated Sample Lines

Specifying the right tubing bundle for analyzer applications involves specific information about:

  • Composition of the sample under all conditions.
  • Sample Cycle - Acceptable Delay.
  • Sample Dew Point or Freeze Point
  • Sample Temperature Extremes.
  • Ambient Temperature Extremes.
  • Heating Media Available.
  • Installation Location - circuit length and area classification
  • Sample System Design - fast loop

From this O'Brien will design a tubing bundle for your specific sample transport requirements considering:

  • Tubing size and material for process tube
  • Secondary tubes and wiring
  • Electric or Steam Heater
  • Insulation
  • Jacket material
  • Temperature control
  • Connections
  • Installation

O’Brien enjoys the industry reputation as the ultimate solutions provider in analyzer sample transport systems. TRACEPAK® and STACKPAKTM sample transport bundles are in service in thousands of applications around the world and our experience with sample transport tubing and conditioning is second to none.

O'Brien developed the TrueTubeTM family of tube material and treatments that provide distinctive advantages for sample transport of difficult materials. These unique advancements have been tested and their effectiveness documented in a series of industry technical white papers.

Each analyzer system presents individual conditions and requirements however we find that they can generally be classified into two purpose similar applications:

  • Process
  • Emissions or stack gas

For clarity we refer to sample transport bundles for process applications as TRACEPAK and emissions applications as STACKPAK. You can find out more about out approach to these by following the links.