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STACKPAK/CEMS Sample Transport Bundle

sample transport bundle system
O’Brien’s STACKPAK® is a sample transport bundle system used for stack gas, environmental and process monitoring. STACKPAK transport lines maintain uniform temperatures for gas samples such as NOx, SOx and CO2 as well as providing temperature maintenance and freeze protection of liquid samples.

In addition to its superior temperature maintenance capabilities, STACKPAK is highly configurable. You can choose from a wide variety of process tubes. Single or multiple process lines can be combined for the heated core and other pneumatic and calibration gas tubes can be provided unheated. Power and signal wiring can be added to the design along with factory installed thermocouple and RTD temperature sensors for accurate temperature control. Standard STACKPAK can be easily configured for the exact requirement of your application.

Choose our flexible TPU urethane or proprietary SV47 blend of PVC to provide a weatherproof jacket. O’Brien Analytical makes STACKPAK easy to install by providing factory finished and weatherproofed probe or power ends. With factory finished ends a three-foot (one meter) power and temperature sensor lead connection is supplied as standard in a choice of materials from EPDM to armored flex.

O’Brien STACKPAK sample transport bundles utilize FEA analysis tools to ensure performance that has been verified in our environmental chamber at temperatures down to –60°F (-50°C). STACKPAK is an engineered industrial product that is suitable for permanent and temporary applications in general purpose or hazardous areas.

*Max water soluble chloride 30ppm.

Tube Selection for Analyzer Sample Systems