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Electropolished Tubing

Electropolished Coil

O’Brien Analytical TrueTube EP is electropolished select grade 316L SS tubing. Electropolishing not only improves surface roughness but also enhances the corrosion resistance by leaving a chromium enriched surface layer. Our proprietary process has broken the twenty-foot straight stick limit for electropolished tubing. We provide a consistent electropolished surface on tubes up to 300 feet / 100 meters long - ideal for use in critical analyzer systems.

O’Brien Analytical’s unyielding commitment to quality is evident in every step of our manufacturing process. TrueTube EP is inspected by O’Brien’s highly trained inspectors, and produced in accordance with an ISO 9001 registered quality system. All TrueTube EP is inspected, cleaned, packaged and always delivered on-time to you.


  • Electropolished 316L SS tubing meets ASTM specifications for consistent physical, dimensional and chemical composition.
  • Cr/Fe ratio better than 1.5:1
  • CrO/FeO ratio better than 3:1
  • Used in ultra high purity gas, chemical distribution, WFI and analyzer applications.
  • Certificate of Conformance.
Part # Description Max Length
TC1 1/8" x 0.020" 316L SMLS 100'
TE2 1/4" x 0.035" 316L SMLS 300'
TE3 3/8" x 0.035" 316L SMLS 300'
TE4 1/2" x 0.035" 316L SMLS 300'
EG4 1/2" x 0.049" 316L SMLS 300'
MTE6 6m x 1mm 316L SMLS 30m
MTE8 8mm x 1mm 316L SMLS 100m
MTE10 10mm x 1mm 316L SMLS 100m
MTE12 12mm x 1mm 316L SMLS 100m
MTG12 12mm x 1.5mm 316L SMLS 100m

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