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Benefits of TRACEPAK

The TRACEPAK total package (tubing, heater, insulation and jacket) replaces costly field tracing and insulating with a permanent solution. With TRACEPAK, your installation times are reduced, and you'll see a lower installed cost. Take a look at the chart below for even more benefits of using TRACEPAK.
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    Feature Benefit Description
    Parallel Construction Easy Installation TRACEPAK'S unique parallel construction simplifies field installation because the tubing is not cabled or twisted. This allows for easier, tighter bending and connections.
    With O'Brien TRACEPAK there is no need to un-cable tubes and then apply field insulation.
    Tubing Stays Round Process and tracer tubes are not twisted together (Cabled) they are kept parallel. With O'Brien's unique construction all the tubes bend together during installation. All the tubes remain round, making the installation of compression fittings easy.
    8" (200mm) Bending Radius TRACEPAK's parallel construction allows the tubes to bend together, side-by-side, so the bundle can bend to an extremely tight, 8"/200mm bending radius.
    Disynchronous Insulation Wrap Uniform Insulation with No Cold Spots Thermal insulation is spiral wrapped over the process tubes and tracer. The insulation is overlapped an each successive layer is applied in the opposite direction. This maintains insulating properties at bends where the insulation in other products may separate leaving gaps. Insulation gaps cause cold spots in the process tube and hot spots in the jacket.
    Non-wicking Insulation Prevents Moisture from Traveling Down the Entire Length of Your Bundle. Special insulation construction virtually eliminates wicking.
    Choice of Jacket Materials TPU Urethane Jacket Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance combined with a wide, usable temperature range make TRACEPAK durable and workable.The chloride-free urethane jacket stays flexible enough for installation down to -40° and has a minimum service temperature of -67°F/-58°C.
    SV47 PVC Standard SV47 PVC jacket exceeds the characteristics of 105C PVC.
    In-stock Materials Quick delivery to meet your needs. O'Brien's large stock of raw materials offers a choice of many tubing sizes, types, and metallurgy.
    Vast array of tubing materials available to meet your needs. Any material that is available in tube form can be fabricated into an O'Brien TRACEPAK bundle. Materials range from dead soft copper to fluoropolymer to stainless steel to zirconium to silica lined steel. Sizes range from 1/8"/3mm to over 1"/25mm.
    Halogen Free Eliminate source of halogens that cause stress cracking in stainless steel. Generally referred to as chloride stress cracking, O'Brien has eliminated the major sources of all halogens that promote stress corrosion in stainless steel tubes.
    The urethane jacket contains no halogens, halogen free mylar tapes are used for structural bindings, marking inks for tube identification are free of halogens. Even the insulation contains no free chlorides and water soluble chlorides average less than 45 ppm.
    Finite Element Analysis Guaranteed Performance TRACEPAK tubing configurations are calculated with a Finite Element Analysis tool to ensure maximum performance. The designs are then tested in our environmental chamber to simulate the most extreme conditions and verify performance modeling tools.
    Electric Tracers Durable, reliable heating. Self limiting electric tracers are available to withstand 482°F/250°C while tubing bundle designs can handle blow down temperatures to 1100°F/595°C. TRACEPAK is approved for use in hazardous areas by approval agencies the world over.
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