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PVC J-Line Tubing

  • Industry standard tubing with an extruded SV47 jacket +

    PVC Coated J-Line Tubing
    is used in applications where additional protection is required. J Line is not insulated or heated.

    J-Line tubing is ideal for pneumatic and hydraulic applications. Industry standard tubing coated with O’Brien SV47 polymer provides increased protection cushioning the tube against wear from vibration.

    J-Line is supplied in long continuous coils that eliminate intermediate fittings every twenty feet (six meters). This reduces the number of potential leaks points in a single tubing run from 50 to over 90%.

    • Instrument air
    • Pneumatic process control lines
    • Municipal water wells
    • Down-hole chemical injection
    • Chemical injection
    • Seal water feed lines
    • Direct burial
    • Windblown sand

    J-Line is available in prepackaged cut to length sections and long continuous bulk coil either directly from O’Brien or through your local distributor. Standard materials are copper and welded or seamless 316/316L stainless steel.

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