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TPU Corrosion Control MJ® Tubing

TPU Corrosion Control MJ® Polymer Coated TubingO'Brien MJ™
  • Choice of Metallurgy and Tube Size
  • Long continuous Coils or Sticks
  • Prevent External Corrosion
  • Reduce Space and Weight Requirements
  • Reduce Potential Leak Points
O'Brien's polymer coated and multi tube O'BRIEN MJ™ is the first product in the marketplace to replace tubing sticks and fittings.  Long lengths of polymer coated and coiled tubing provide both new construction and retro-fit customers with a superior choice when it comes to chemical injection, feed and control lines on topside, wellbay and hull applications.  Super Duplex SAF 2507, Duplex 2205, NORSOK 6MO as well as 317L and 316L with specific moly content are readily available in long coils.

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Test Data
Download QLT-GRITBLASTTEST.PDF MJ resistance to grit blasting exposure.
Download QLT TPKSK-TEST.PDF MJ resistance to high pressure wash down exposure.
Download QLT-INSTPRESTEST.PDF MJ pressure testing sequence procedure.
Download QLT-MJ-WELDTEST.PDF MJ resistance to weld spatter exposure. 
Download QLT-MJ-UVAGING.PDF MJ resistance to UV exposure.