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Instrument Hook-Up/Impulse Lines Protection

Tubing bundle for Instrument Impulse Lines freeze protection
  • Instrument Impulse Lines Effective Freeze Protection and Temperature Maintenance +

    When you use TRACEPAK to keep your impulse lines from freezing, or maintaining a certain temperature, you'll not only simplify installation, you'll lower your installation costs as well.

    TRACEPAK features a unique parallel construction, so tubing is not cabled or twisted, allowing for easier, tighter bends when connecting instrumentation to process lines or vessels. TRACEPAK's special configuration keeps process and tracer lines parallel inside the bundle, so tubing bends together and remains round, making installing, bending, and connecting easy. With TRACEPAK, there 's no need to un-cable tubes and then field insulate during installation.

    Additionally, the tough, thermoplastic polyether urethane elastomer jacket contains no halogens, eliminating the possibility of chlorides from the jacket causing stress corrosion in the stainless steel tubing, ensuring a virtually maintenance-free tube life. The urethane jacket stays flexible enough for installation down to -40°F/°C and has a minimum service temperature of -67°F/-58°C.

    Typically the choice of steam or electric tracing is dictated by the preference of the unit. Some considerations besides the availability of steam or electric power in a unit are the area classification and the properties of the process that needs to be winterized or maintained at a specific temperature.

    Electric Tracing
    As a general rule of thumb electric tracing is more easily temperature controlled. If you are installing the instrumentation in a hazardous area as defined by the local code you must design your electric tracing system to be in compliance. (Click the Electric Tracing heading to learn more.)

    Steam Tracing
    If steam is available it can provide an effective choice for winterizing instrument impulse lines. Providing temperature maintenance with steam is more difficult than with electric tracing. This is true unless you want to maintain your process at the approximate temperature of the saturated steam pressure available. (Click the Steam Tracing heading to learn more.)

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