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Temperature Control

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New construction in the hydrocarbon, chemical processing and power industries often use electric tracing for freeze protection and temperature maintenance requirements. This includes the process and gas analyzer systems. Temperature control utilizing single point, multipoint systems and PC based technology will dictate the performance of the electric traced sample transport system. Electric tracing offers a “clean” and accurate medium for these applications.

Controller features such as alarms for high and low temperature, current tripping and ground fault should be considered. Temperature control throughout the sample system is critical. O’Brien TRACEPAK can be designed and manufactured to include RTD and thermocouple sensors. These can be placed throughout the bundle or at specific locations as required. O’Brien thermostatically controlled sample cabinet heaters are also part of a system solution.

Steam and recirculating heating systems can be very cost and performance effective. Control systems for these heaters are often based on pressure control, trapping, and circuit lengths. O’Brien TRACEPAK can offer unique designs to accommodate a wide variety of these applications.