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TRACEPAK® Model Number

X = Alphabetic
# = Numeric

 X  Unit of measure - Only used for bundle sold and marked in Meters
 No prefix indicates that product is sold and marked in Feet.
     M = Meters
 /  Separator - Only used if bundle is marked and sold in Meters.
 T  TRACEPAK product designator.

 Maximum Exposure Temperature and Duration
 P = Standard Design 400°F / 205°C

Steam and


One Minute
 450°F / 230°C  A  AN  AS
 500°F / 260°C  B  BN  BS
 550°F / 290°C  C  CN  CS
 600°F / 315°C  D  DN  DS
 650°F / 345°C  F  FN  FS
 700°F / 370°C  G  GN  GS
 750°F / 400°C  J  JN  JS
 800°F / 425°C  K  KN  KS
 850°F / 455°C  L  LN  LS
 900°F / 480°C  M  MN  MS 
 950°F / 510°C  N  NN  NS
 1000°F / 540°C  Q  QN  QS
 1050°F / 565°C  R  RN  RS
 1100°F / 595°C  T  TN  TS
 Other  Z  ZN  ZS

 Type of tracer.
    E = electric tracing
    L = light steam tracing
    H = heavy steam tracing
    S = single pre-insulated tubing 

 #  Number of process tubes.
 X  Jacket Material
    S = SV47 (O'Brien PVC)
    U = TPU    (thermoelastic polyurethane)
 -  Separator
 XX  Process tube material, construction & wall thickness. (Select from tube list.) 
 ##  Process tube size in 1/8" or mm. (Select from tube list.) 
 -  Separator
 XX  Tracer - If tracer type is "E" for electric this designates the tracer family. (See electric tracers.)               If tracer type above is "L" or "H" for steam this designates the tube material, construction and
               wall thickness. (Select from tracer tube list.)  
 ##  Electric heater output in W/ft (See electric tracers.) or 
 Steam heater tube size in 1/8" or mm.(See tracer tube list.) 
Options   (Repeat as necessary.) 
 /  Separator between each option - repeat as necessary
 X  Jacket Color
      A = gray
      B = blue
      G = green
      N = orange
      P = purple
      R = red
      U = brown
      W = white
      Y = yellow
 X##  Temperature Sensor
      J = type J thermocouple
      K = type K thermocouple
      R = 100 ohm / 100 PT 3 wire RTD
      XX = distance from power end in units of measure for bundle (Feet or Meters)
 #####  Specials Identifier - If "Z" is used anywhere in the model number a unique 5 digit code is assigned.