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Integrated Solutions Improving Process Accuracy

Instrumentation loops and analyzer sample transport systems involve complex combinations of designs, products and disciplines with little incentive to work together. Miscommunications surrounding these loops are a root cause of expensive change orders, wasted man-hours and materials, and safety and reliability issues.

There is and will continue to be a serious global manpower shortage. Engaged early in a project, O'Brien provides a proven approach of integrated solutions that improve process accuracy, reliability and safety.
Industrial Services Improving Process Accuracy
  • Engineering Design Optimization Services
    Design Optimization

    Engaging O'Brien's Services team early, at the (FEED) front end engineering and design, provides the strongest opportunity to reduce overall instrument and analyzer loop related project costs and expedite the project timeline.

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  • Applications Engineering Services
    Applications Engineering

    The process controls market continues to move toward tighter controls, increased demand on devices and a narrowing of performance parameters. In a world of diminishing qualified labor, when the need to test and design loops for a wide variety of applications becomes critical - O'Brien is your best choice.

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  • Materials Management And Logistics
    Materials Management And Logistics

    Procurement and materials management variability with analyzer and instrumentation loops are a root cause of very expensive errors.

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  • Factory Installation Services
    Factory Installation

    Construction projects are constrained by available man hours and skilled labor. O'Brien provides everything from detailed installation drawings and instructions to fully assembled skids ready for field hook-up and commissioning.

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  • Field Support Services
    Field Support

    Global labor shortages represent a significant expense risk when processing plants are under construction. The risks are many and can be related to safety, project timeline, and system reliability. O'Brien's services team are active partners with logistics and construction site management.

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