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Materials Management And Logistics

Materials Management And Logistics Services
  • Overview +

    Procurement and materials management variability with analyzer and instrumentation loops are a root cause of very expensive errors. These loops consist of a complex array of components like instruments, manifolds, fittings, valves, tubing, insulation, wire, conduit, sensors, seals, heater cable, enclosures, junction boxes, process connections and other accessories.

    O'Brien's modular skid assemblies save clients hundreds of hours on new construction projects. Specialized labor is in high demand and project schedules are compressed. O'Brien's turnkey services provide a niche-critical component to clients around the world. Designing and installing complete analyzer and instrumentation loops within in our ISO 9001:2000 facilities eliminates costly confusion and change orders common with multiple field crafts.

    Construction crafts need to accurately interpret engineering intent, drawings and installation instructions from the suppliers - O'Brien's site teams provide this guidance. We ensure that the installation is consist with design guidelines while guiding our clients through ever present field variables.

  • Materials Management +

    • Purchasing, receiving, inspection, tagging and web enabled project tracking allow for full client visibility of detailed project timelines.
    • Consolidation of purchase orders
    • Protection from equipment theft or environmental damage
    • Eliminate excess material purchases with O'Brien's project feed quick ship program.
  • Logistics +

    • Packaging, insurance options, duty management and delivery guarantees.
    • Comprehensive web based project feed model and documentation control
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