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Liquid Sampling & Fast Loops

Liquid Sampling
Most liquids can be handled at much lower temperatures than gas samples. In many cases, only water freeze protection is needed.

Some liquids are analyzed with a gas analyzing technology. In these cases the sample transport tubing bundle must provide sufficient heat-up capabilities to vaporize the sample prior to entering the analyzer. In many cases a separate vaporizer conditions the sample prior to entering the bundle, which requires the same considerations as gas sampling.

Fast Loop
If the system design calls for a fast loop and the return point is relatively near the sample point a dual tube bundle can greatly reduce the overall cost of the installation.

If the total run is greater than 30 meters and the return is within 10 meters of the sample point a two tube bundle should be considered. Splice into the bundle to redirect the return line. The sample line remains continuous and 10 meters of the second tube will go unused but this cost is offset by the savings in labor to install 40 meters of bundle vs. 60.