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Applications Engineering

Applications Engineering Services
  • Overview +

    The process controls market continues to move toward tighter controls, increased demand on devices and a narrowing of performance parameters. Understanding the process details surrounding instrumentation and analytical loops and their function in LNG, GTL, refining, offshore, power plants or whatever the application has been O'Brien's expertise for 45 years. In a world of diminishing and qualified labor, when the need to test and design loops for a wide variety of applications becomes critical - O'Brien is your best choice.

    O'Brien's manufacturing-engineering team and our services partners utilize state of the art technology to create and validate a multitude of loop designs, steam distribution and heat tracing systems. Our understanding of process interface and collaboration with your engineering team has proven to produce the most accurate, cost effective and safe systems. Thermal modeling, failure mode analysis and environmental chamber techniques are used to predict and ensure optimum performance.

    There is no all-encompassing specification for freeze protection and temperature maintenance of instrument and analyzer loops. We work closely with our customers to design winterizing and temperature maintenance solutions based on ambient conditions, process, equipment selection, maintenance, construction and safety considerations.

  • Web-based Interactive 3D Modeling +

    • Real-time collaboration between the installer, designer, engineer, operations, maintenance and owner.
    • Detailed solutions for critical applications for pre-insulated tubing and heated instrument enclosure systems.
  • Material Take-Off, Bill Of Material, Installation Details +

    • Comprehensive bill of materials, material take-offs and installation details become master project documents.
    • Configuration tools identify missing and extra components.
    • Detailed 'picture' of the finished installations and bills of material saves confusion and countless hours of field labor often associated with poor documentation.
  • Performance, Safety and Failure Mode Validation +

    • IEEE 515, ATEX, CSA, GOST, NFPA and other international standards
    • Redundant controls in applications engineering with failure mode and finite element analysis, thermal modeling and environmental chamber testing.
  • Literature +