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Power Industry

Tubing bundle for power industry

The power industry has many unique winterization applications not seen in any other industry. The power industry subjects tubing bundles to extreme temperatures and extreme pressures. The industry has unique tubing specifications, numerous codes to meet and all the products provided must provide years of continuous service. Our experience includes a long history of success with the combined cycle industry, HRSG manufacturers, coal plants and nuclear applications.

O’Brien is the leader in winterization of instrumentation, impulse lines, sample lines, heated instrument enclosures and instrument support systems to the industry. Our design methods provide the performance required for the widest range of applications, regardless of extremes in process temperatures and ambient conditions

O’Brien works directly with engineering firms, installation contractors and with owners to ensure the best design, a through knowledge of installation procedures, to ensure the continuity of the design. In addition the design assistance and installation training provide the owner with the best possible experience for years of trouble free service.  

O’Brien is the only USA manufacturer of preinsulated tubing bundles, sample and analyzer bundles, instrument enclosures and related support systems. We manufacture in Saint Louis and welcome visits to our facility.