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Refining & Chemical Industry

Tubing Bundles for Refining & Chemical Industry
O'Brien produces products that are used throughout almost every area of a refinery or chemical manufacturing complex.

We produce winterization and temperature maintenance enclosures (VIPAK, HEATPAK and HEATPAK II) for the process instrumentation located outside. Our enclosures include steam and electric heat options that are approved for use in hazardous areas.

TRACEPAK tubing bundles connect the instrumentation to the process lines and vessels. They provide temperature maintenance and personnel protection for small bore tubing.

SADDLEPAK instrument support stands are used throughout and provide a configurable and adjustable instrument mounting system.

STACKPAK tubing bundles provide reliable sample transport for CEM (emissions monitoring) systems. These special tube bundles are configured for your needs and the requirements of your installation.

TrueTubeTM sample transport tubing provides reduced sample transport for many chemicals by providing an electropolished or SIlcoNert 2000 coated transport tube. They are often included in TRACEPAK tubing bundles for process analyzer sample lines.

S-Line preinsulated tubing bundles provide energy conservation and personnel protection for small bore tubing used to connect steam supply and condensate return lines.