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Design Optimization

Front End Engineering Design Optimization
  • Overview +

    Engaging O'Brien's Services team early, at the (FEED) front end engineering and design, provides the strongest opportunity to reduce overall instrument and analyzer loop related project costs and expedite the project timeline. Ultimately, O'Brien helps construct operating units that are more reliable, efficient and easier to maintain with respect to the instrument, analyzer and control systems. Safety, accuracy and simplification are the primary objectives.

    Early in projects, decisions are made that affect the operation and integrity of the field instrumentation. Decisions regarding process loops tend to fragment this among multiple vendors, constructors and contracts. O'Brien is uniquely qualified to help craft an integrated solution for the installed field instrumentation and analyzer loops that includes responsibility of design, configured components and coordination of control systems.

  • Safety Review +

    • The O'Brien Services team incorporates all current standards and best practices when creating a comprehensive design solution.
    • IEEE 515 failure analysis and relevant NFPA, CSA, ATEX and all international requirements
    • Ergonomic considerations for installation and maintenance
    • Hazardous area and plant specification reviews
  • Verification of Instrument Lists +

    • Component and metallurgical compatibility review
    • Comprehensive review of P&ID and instrument lists mitigate expensive change orders and safety risks.
    • Instrument orientations and point consolidations
    • Eliminate expensive calls backs and change orders
  • Electric / Steam Tracing Layout, Control and Load Calculations +

    • Comprehensive review of plant infrastructure tracing loads.
    • Detailed design of control schemes for instrument and analyzer loop tracing systems.
    • Communication protocol with distributive control system
  • Literature +