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Chemical Injection and Water Treatment

Freeze protection for chemical injection lines.
Freeze protection for chemical injection lines

O'Brien provides freeze protection for chemical feed lines in a wide variety of markets such as pulp & paper, power generation, water purification and waste water treatment. 
Pre-insulated and heated tubes transport the chemical feed in heated, protected, and leak-free bundles.

It is possible for multiple tubes to share a heater and break out mid-run for separate destinations.

O'Brien VIPAK heated enclosures can be used for tube unions and individual tube breakout.

The engineering team will optimize the run lengths, heater type, and routing to provide the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective installation based on the individual plant needs.

VIPAK heated enclosures
Run multiple tube bundles out to the field then split off individual supply lines in a heated VIPAK enclosure.

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Advantages with O'Brien

  • Reduced installation time and cost for the pre-insulated solution.
  • Long, continuous tube lengths reducing the number of fittings, joints, and leak paths.
  • Reduced maintenance and down-time due to highly reliable, long lasting pre-packaged fluid delivery system.
  • Multiple tubes can share heaters for reduced cost and circuits quantity.
Color code lines 
Color code lines for easy identification.

  • Fully predictable temperature maintenance is covered in the product warranty.
  • Standardized design available to fit multiple plant locations.
  • Tube bundles and enclosures provide full protection from moisture and environmental conditions.
  • Enclosures for chemical feed splits incorporate a convection heater. The enclosures allow for easy installation and maintenance for the tube unions.
Long continuous coils 
Long continuous coils of TRACEPAK tubing bundle eliminate leak points.